Venus Sextile Mars Synastry – A Comprehensive Guide

This influential alignment indicates strong romantic feelings, easy sexual chemistry, and an intuitive understanding of each other’s desires.

In this article, I’ll thoroughly explore and summarize how this aspect manifests for both individuals in the relationship using real-life examples from my practice.

You’ll gain insight into the strengths it offers, like natural chemistry and passion, and potential challenges, like taking the connection for granted. I’ll also provide actionable tips to maximize this alignment in your partnership.

What the Venus Person Sees in the Mars Person

This aspect generates notable attraction and intrigue for Venus towards the Mars person. Their daring nature, ambition, drive, and sexual magnetism are instantly mesmerizing. The Venus person admires their Mars partner’s courage to pursue goals and willingness to pull them into spontaneous adventures.

In one case from my practice, Sienna (Venus) shared how captivated she was by Mateo’s (Mars) passion for his entrepreneurial pursuits. His tireless work ethic and visionary thinking made her see him as a trailblazing leader. She also felt stirred by his dominant sexual energy. This initial enthrallment paved the way for a meaningful connection.

The Mars person’s directness and integrity also appeal greatly to the Venus individual. They recognize these sincere qualities as signs of someone who will treat them well in a relationship. They love how the Mars person helps motivate the them to step out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons.

What the Mars Person Sees in the Venus Person

For the Mars individual, the graceful charm and beauty of the Venus person are instantly magnetizing. Their peaceful, compromising nature also stands out as a complementary contrast to the Mars person’s fiery drive.

The Venus individual’s diplomatic skills foster success for the determined Mars person by helping them network and strategically manage their boundless energy. One of my clients, Mateo (Mars), explained how Sienna’s (Venus) savvy social awareness enabled key connections for advancing his business. Her harmony-enhancing ways toned down his excess zeal into more composed, productive efforts.

The Venus person also intrigues the Mars individual with their hedonistic tastes and sensual allure. Their slow-burning, graceful manner utterly entrances them. The Venus individual embodies femininity in ways that soothe the Mars person’s hard edges. Ultimately, they find themselves falling hard for the Venus person’s bewitching spell.

Strengths of Venus Sextile Mars Synastry

Easy Romantic Rapport & Chemistry. A major strength of Venus sextile Mars is the natural affinity and easy chemistry present between the couple. They seamlessly understand and relate to each other’s relationship needs and preferences. An intuitive flow allows them to give and receive affection generously without resentment.

For example, one client couple I worked with that displayed this smooth chemistry was Daniel (Mars) and Emma (Venus). During our session, Daniel explained how connecting with Emma always felt effortless, even amidst chaotic schedules. Their laidback rapport led to fun date adventures that organically nurtured their bond.

Passion & Sexual Harmony. This aspect also enables robust sexual compatibility and passion. The partners keenly recognize how to satisfy each other intimately. They embrace pleasure wholeheartedly, leading to confidence and fulfillment on a carnal level.

Lisa (Venus) and James (Mars) exhibited the amorous potential of this aspect. Though very different personality-wise, they shared an intense physical connection neither had experienced before. During turbulent times, their sexual relationship gave comfort and reaffirmed their devotion.

Vitality & Excitement. The vibrant energy exchange between these partners makes mundane moments lively and keeps the relationship feeling fresh. The Mars person draws the Venus individual out of complacency while the Venus person encourages the Mars partner to pause and smell the roses.

This revitalizing dynamic was a lifeline for Alicia (Mars) and Xavier (Venus) during COVID lockdowns. Alicia devised adventurous at-home date nights that pulled Xavier out of a pandemic funk. In turn, his self-care tips helped ease her anxiety over finances and work. Their contrasting outlooks gave much-needed balance.

Emotional Reassurance. Despite differences, this couple shares a nurturing approach to relationships. The Venus individual intimately understands the Mars partner behind their strong exterior. Likewise, the Mars person recognizes the Venus individual’s need for tenderness. Their innate care for each other’s softer sides enables emotional safety.

Challenges of Venus Sextile Mars Synastry

The Subtlety of the Sextile Makes It Easy to Overlook A major pitfall of this subtle aspect is failing to nurture it. Without proactive upkeep, the partners may take each other for granted or let the spark slowly fade. Staying attuned to each other’s needs and keeping the relationship exciting requires concerted effort.

For instance, one longtime couple I consulted struggled with feeling more like roommates than lovers in their tenth year together. We had to reignite the chemistry they had let go dormant actively. Reconnecting to that initial intrigue and admiration for each other was key.

Contrasting Energies Can Cause Minor Conflicts. Despite mutual understanding, differences still arise. The Mars individual may come across as overly forceful at times. Meanwhile, the Venus person’s passivity can frustrate the Mars partner. Managing irritation over conflicting energies and communication styles takes awareness and patience.

I’ve found coaching couples on productively airing grievances is essential. Rather than bottling up issues, directly yet compassionately discussing them defuses tension. I teach tactics for balancing honest expression with diplomacy to strengthen long-term relationships.

Tips for the Venus Person

Speak Up About Your Desires. Harness the confidence this aspect offers to assert your romantic and sexual wishes more directly versus expecting your Mars partner to read your mind. Practice plainly yet positively articulating anything you want more or less of in those realms. Your forthrightness will be welcomed.

Plan Special Occasions. While connecting comes easily day-to-day, also nurture that spark by orchestrating meaningful moments. Surprise your Mars partner with romantic dinners, weekend getaways to destress, and trips to check off their bucket list items. Injecting thoughtfulness reinforces the magic.

Help Them Reflect. Your perspective can inspire self-improvement for your Mars partner. During relaxed conversations, ask thoughtful questions about their goals, dreams, and anything else they’re grappling with. Your outside input may offer just the clarity they need to evolve.

Tips for the Mars Person

Temper Your Intensity. Harness your drive in positive directions versus domineering over your Venus loved one. When you want something strongly, patiently discuss it versus charging ahead full steam. Listen attentively and find collaborative solutions. Your consideration will be appreciated.

Give Reassurance. While you may consider overt displays of emotion unnecessary, make an effort to verbalize your affection regularly. Even small gestures like a sweet text, bringing home flowers just because, or complimenting your partner’s appearance can brighten their day.

Don’t Let Anger Overwhelm. When disagreements happen, cool off before continuing conversations. Take a walk around the block, do push-ups, or play an intense video game. Vent your frustration in healthy outlets so you can logically share your perspective without hurtful aggression. Your level-headedness prevents issues from escalating.

My Experiences Counseling Venus Sextile Mars Synastry Clients

The innate romantic rapport and sexual compatibility this aspect enables consistently warms my heart. I feel honored to give guidance in maximizing its gifts.

For example, I worked with Kat (Venus) and Levi (Mars) who were struggling to reconcile vastly different personalities after their honeymoon phase ended. We identified this aspect as a strength to build upon amidst their clashes. I coached them on appreciating their contrasts versus trying to change each other. Soon, they rediscovered the initial chemistry that brought them together.

In another case, Natalia (Venus) and Adrian (Mars) had let nourishing their bond slide to the back burner as they focused on individual goals. Before resentment set in, I guided them to devote one night weekly for quality time without distractions. They took turns planning creative dates, leading to greatly improved emotional intimacy.

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