Sun Square Sun Synastry – A Comprehensive Guide

This shared aspect indicates raw attraction but also clashing ego needs and desires. The result can be conflict and competitiveness but also passion and personal growth if handled well.

In this article, we will explore what each person may see in the other, the strengths and challenges of this aspect, tips for success, and real examples from my clients. I aim to provide insight into making this dynamic aspect work.

What they See in Each Other

The Sun represents our core identity and ego, and with a Square, each person may see traits in the other that clash with their own ego needs. This can lead to friction but also strong attraction.

Some perceptions one or both may have about the other include:

  • Charming yet frustrating or annoying at times
  • Strongly independent with different life goals
  • Competitive, wants to be the leader
  • Passionate and attractive but also stubborn
  • Has a different perspective that’s hard to understand

There is usually a strong gut reaction, either positive or negative. But over time, once exciting differences can become more irritating.

Aspect Strengths

While challenging, the Sun square Sun aspect also has strengths a couple can build on. The friction creates strong sexual chemistry and attraction. Sun square Sun pairs have an exciting, intimate life and connect through their physicality.

The Sun’s energy stimulates innovation. This aspect awakens wild creativity, new ideas and self-expression in the relationship. They inspire each other to pursue their goals through friendly competition. With shared ambition, they can motivate each other to achieve dreams.

Overcoming conflicts forces self-awareness, empathy, and maturity. It can eliminate ego-centric thinking and push both to evolve.

Aspect Challenges

With two strong egos both wanting control, power struggles can arise and create conflict in the relationship. This aspect creates an overly competitive dynamic. Partners focus on outdoing each other rather than cooperating.

Partners may not “get” each other’s personalities and motivations. Misunderstandings are common. The constant tension and conflicts lead to emotional outbursts. Highs are very high, and lows are very low.

Tips for navigating this Synastry

It takes work, but Sun Square Sun couples can thrive by focusing on key areas.

Talk out differences calmly without blaming. Listen, reflect and understand each other’s perspective. Meet in the middle when goals and desires differ. Make concessions without sacrificing personal needs.

Respect each other’s independence and personal ways of doing things. Give space when needed. Don’t act from ego or always try to dominate. Take turns leading and supporting each other. Remember to celebrate each other’s achievements instead of feeling jealous. Be each other’s cheerleader.

My Experiences Counseling Sun Square Sun Synastry Clients

Emma and Luis constantly butted heads because Luis wanted to make major purchases for their home while Emma prioritized saving money for retirement. She saw him as reckless with finances, while he saw her as too cautious. With my guidance, they learned to communicate openly about their priorities and compromised by setting shared financial goals for the present and future.

Another couple, Julia and Mark, decided to start marriage counseling when they almost separated over differing lifestyle needs. Julia traveled frequently for work and wanted the freedom of an open relationship. Mark was more traditional and desired a commitment to family life. Over time, they removed their egos by making concessions – Julia cut back on travel, while Mark agreed to a semi-open relationship. They also established strong boundaries and gave each other space.

In the end, the friction of Sun square Sun served as a catalyst for growth. These couples overcame conflicts and built an enduring bond by following the tips above. With consistent effort, this intense synastry aspect can be fulfilling.

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