Aquarius North Node in the 4th House: Your Soul’s Journey Home

Welcome to Astroary. Today we’re talking North Nodes, Aquarius in the 4th house, in particular.

Before diving into the North Node. let me give you a general idea of the South Node in Leo to understand what you’re working with in terms of habits, memories, and beliefs.

South Node in Leo

The South Node in Leo represents having been royalty and living privileged lives in past incarnations. You were accustomed to being waited on by servants, having every whim catered to, and receiving nonstop attention.

The positives of South Node in Leo are being a warm, theatrical, and generous person. People enjoy your presence because your strong aura makes them feel good. When expressed positively, Leo’s big heart brings out the inner child in others. Interacting with you makes people feel younger and appreciated.

You know how to make people feel special by spoiling them and giving attention. You connect well with children given your playful energy. You likely have a talent for performance and being on stage, as you’ve had lifetimes as actors, singers, dancers – anyone in the limelight.

The downside is also being the drama queen, used to throwing fits and having your way. You act entitled to service and luxury. There is a lot of pride and ego with South Node in Leo. You expect respect and worship because you feel deserving.

In past lives, you took things to the extreme. Like a raging, head-chopping queen or ruthless pharaoh. You have little patience and demand instant gratification. Your pride makes you think you’re above others. You’re used to forcing your will and doing whatever you want.

Other South Node Leo traits are vanity, demanding compliments, and wanting the spotlight. You see yourself as the center of the universe, and expect everything to revolve around you.

North Node in Aquarius

With the North Node in Aquarius, you must let go of selfish, vain, egotistical tendencies. You can’t hog the spotlight or demand to be worshipped. Aquarius marches to its own drum. An Aquarius is perfectly content alone, not needing attention or applause.

You’re being called to self-sufficiency without requiring others to prop up your ego. Get off your high horse and realize there are many awesome people in this world, not just you. See everyone as equally special.

Aquarius values the uniqueness in each individual, not comparing or ranking people. You’ll learn to appreciate your own and others’ individuality. Be egalitarian, friendly, and inclusive.

Whereas Leo South Node feels entitled to service and praise, Aquarius North Node serves the collective good, not the ego. Find satisfaction in connecting to humanity, not in being worshipped.

North Node in 4th House

With South Node in Leo in the 10th house, you were authority figures and stars seeking the spotlight. You’re used to and desire fame, power, worship, and doing whatever you want.

But you never nurtured home life or knew your true self. Your North Node in the 4th house is a call from the universe to come home, both literally and metaphorically. Withdraw from the outer world and develop your inner world.

Spend time with family and see all people as family. Bond with your parents and siblings. Make your home a welcoming space for all. Find activities that satisfy you privately without need for outer validation.

Get to know yourself beneath the persona. What truly matters to you? What gives you joy outside the spotlight? Who are you when no one is watching?

Establish security and comfort within yourself instead of seeking it externally. Discover authentic self-expression and creativity independent of applause. Serve your soul’s growth over the ego.

In this lifetime, withdraw from fame into introspection. Rather than putting yourself above others, acknowledge your fundamental equality. Replace self-glorification with self-knowledge. Tend your inner light rather than craving outer spotlight.

The 4th house call is to retreat, reflect, and honor your humanity. Develop self-sufficiency and inner security. Forge connection through your shared essence rather than standing apart. Discover who you are in your quiet moments rather than just who the world sees.

Ultimately, the North Node in the 4th house is a destined path of leaving behind ego and finding enlightenment. By resting in your untouched essence, you reclaim the birthright that lives in all of us – our divine nature beneath worldly identities.

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