Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry – A Comprehensive Guide

This aspect unlocks a couple’s extremes of erotic sensation, intimacy, jealousy, competition, and possessive attachment. Their passionate emotions can be exciting, exhilarating…and totally consuming.

Yet, for all its turbulent energies, this is an aspect that has the potential to flow relatively smoothly, empowering growth through gentle nudges rather than destructive clashes. Handled with care, Mars sextile Pluto offers the ultimate promise: a chance for two souls to fuse into one stronger entity, refined by the heat of shared adversities and ambition.

In this article, I’ll share key insights on the energies at work when Mars and Pluto form a harmonious yet intense bond, along with suggestions to help walk hand-in-hand through the challenges and changes inherent in this dynamic.

What the Mars Person Sees in the Pluto Person

To the primal, assertive Mars soul, Pluto is a figure who embodies their deepest cravings and a mirror who reflects back intensified desire.

The warrior planet swoons at Pluto’s aura of menace and mystery; to Mars, the lord of the underworld exudes an intoxicating scent of taboo, laced with hidden wellsprings of fortitude and vulnerability all at once.

I’ve seen a lot of Mar’s responses to Pluto in my practice.”It was like he wanted to devour me,” one fiery Aries confessed, “and I wanted him to. I felt like I was tapping into this savage side hidden under my civilized surface.”

Indeed, Pluto may coax out the beast in Mars’ belly through erotically charged contests of ego, willpower, and even physical strength. Like moths to flame, Mars souls are drawn compulsively to prove themselves worthy under Pluto’s watchful eye. And when they prevail, oh how sweet the victory.

What the Pluto Person Sees in the Mars Person

Just as Mars glows with hero-worship in Pluto’s dark light, so too is Plutonian Hades enchanted by his rare glimpse at Mars’ bright vitality. To intense Scorpio souls accustomed to probing examination of their own knotty emotions, Mars people can seem almost otherworldly in their directness. Even the subtlest of exchanges with these fiery beings leaves bare-nerved Plutonians feeling both scorched and renewed.

I often encourage introspective Pluto folks to view their Martian lovers as precious windows offering external reflection. One client told me, through happy tears, “It’s like I can finally look clearly at my own face in her eyes, seeing myself through someone burning so purely from their own fire. I feel… forgiven, reborn.”

Indeed, Mars rules muscles both physical and emotional; ever-striving, ever-rebuilding from life’s ruthless blows. Pluto may find their faith in resilience and hope renewed by basking in Mars’ candor and drive. And though cooler Plutonians may feel anxious or even overwhelmed when passions run hot, this is often simply the growing pain of a snake shedding old skin to expose new, more vibrant scales underneath.

Strengths of Mars Sextile Pluto synastry

When flowing energy meets hidden power, an unstoppable force is created. Mars sextile Pluto synastry shines brightly in partnerships founded on shared ambition, sexual compatibility, and intensity.

As a counselor privy to clients’ most intimate revelations, I’ve pinpointed several areas where Mars-Pluto bonds tend to excel:

Tapping into primal passion. Raw, almost feral sensuality simmers under the surface of Mars-Pluto intimacy. These couples delight in sparking anticipation, then sating explosive longings. “We challenge each other to cross lines neither imagined we could approach before meeting,” one partner told me. “It’s scary sometimes losing control like that… but so alive.”

Connecting through crisis. Remember: what does not destroy Mars and Pluto only strengthens them as the phoenix rises from flame. During turmoil, these pragmatic warriors transform vulnerability into loyalty and protectiveness. One former client found pregnancy challenges brought out astonishing nurturing depths in her once-noncommittal Martian mate: “It was like witnessing a lion choose only one lioness to stand by forever.”

Mutual motivation. When aligned toward shared objectives, Mars and Pluto are an unbeatable pair. I’ve seen their cooperative chemistry generate incredible accomplishments in ventures from performing arts to tech startups and more. “We push each other to make bigger visions reality,” an entrepreneur described of his Plutonian co-founder. “It almost feels telepathic at times.”

Redemptive healing. Perhaps most profoundly, Mars can restore faith itself to a Pluto scarred by betrayals of trust; while Pluto teaches Mars that exposing frailties forges the strongest bonds. “I show her my wounds and instead of recoiling, she understands,” one abuse survivor confessed through joyful tears about his Martian girlfriend. “I never believed anyone could fully know and love every damaged part of me. She proved me wrong.”

Challenges of Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry

Yet even in harmonious sextile alignments, Mars-Pluto links often carry undercurrents of unease and instability. I urge all Mars/Pluto synastry clients to proactively acknowledge and address the following potential pitfalls.

Jealousy and control. Possessiveness stems naturally from intensity for both archetypes. Small slights quickly become raging brushfires. Past betrayals can leave lasting scars, slowing the rebuilding of confidence. I counsel patience, reassurance of commitment, and constant checkpoints for open communication when jealousy strikes.

Power struggles. The clash of iron wills cuts soul-deep for Mars and Pluto alike. Neither easily bend nor break. Yet avoidance inevitably enables the true relationship-ender: bitterness’ creeping decay. It is better to cleanse wounds through confession and constructive compromise. My guidance: swallow pride, speak plainly, and forgive quickly.

Loss of identity. “I don’t know where she ends and I begin anymore.” This sentiment, echoed by several former clients, illustrates the devouring undercurrents in Mars-Pluto intimacy. Teetering between closeness and losing separateness sparks fear. I remind lovers that your wholeness together relies on tending to individual well-being. Reclaim personal pursuits, friends, and routines.

Destructive risk-taking. Adrenaline feeds primal lust for both archetypes; soon, reasonable limits blur. Especially under stress, Mars may goad Pluto toward violence, crime, other serious harm against self or others. In counseling, I trace this to ancient links between death and climax: the urge to lose control so completely it becomes self-annihilation. If passions turn this path, professional intervention is essential.

Tips for the Mars Person

First, understand that intensity is precisely what drew you to your partner, and expecting them to dampen emotional responses will only lead to a disconnect. Help by listening generously, then reflecting feelings back to affirm they are heard and have an impact.

Realize that Pluto may withdraw at times, not from a lack of care, but because your bright force floods their senses to overload. Allow space and offer affectionate patience rather than accusations of neglect.

When disagreements flare, recognize that Pluto rarely issues direct ultimatums yet still perceives threats to control as acts of war. Compromise requires Mars to extend olive branches and then graciously ignore provocations.

If passions unleash Pluto’s vindictive side, react with empathy; chilling past pains likely drive overreactions. Remind yourself and your partner that with trust, time heals all wounds.

Most crucially, nurture who you are beyond merely what you feel. Reveling in independence will only strengthen your collective bond long-term.

Tips for the Pluto Person

Learn to harness enormous emotive and sexual forces flowing from contact with Mars is key to sustaining this connection harmoniously.

Initially, the intensity may overwhelm, so try to practice self-soothing rituals like meditation when fiery exchanges short-circuit logic centers. Retreat when flooding seems imminent, but commit to reconnecting once inner equilibrium returns.

When discord arises, avoid internalizing perceived slights as personal attacks; Mars lashes outward by instinct more often than intent. Voice feelings calmly, ask for space to process if needed, and then revisit for a resolution.

The lion’s share of effort in compromising with Mars falls to Pluto; sacrifice comes easier by embracing leadership in conciliating. Soothe wounds by validating Mars’s feelings, then guide gently toward workable middle grounds.

If Mars stokes vindictive urges, pause for wise Minerva’s counsel: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” React with radical forgiveness, direct passion’s energy toward reconciliation.

Finally, nurture personal evolution above all. Your wholeness together relies on nurturing individual wellness. Love’s labors must begin from within before flowering without.

My Experiences Counseling Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry Clients

Each connection has its own unique fingerprints, but all are marked by a steel-sharp resonance between souls who sense they have found not their “other half” as is so often said, but their secret co-conspirator.

Greg and Robin, client-partners married 15 years, first sought my guidance when a life-threatening cancer diagnosis left Robin struggling through brutal treatments, robbing their libido while sparking irrational fury toward dutiful Greg’s caretaking. “I was terrified seeing her so sick,” he told me privately. “But it’s her anger cutting me that I can’t endure.”

In joint sessions addressing grief’s causes and coping strategies for both, we built a recovery plan restructuring caregiving to restore personal agency for Robin. As health returned, playful challenges sparked that long-dormant spark behind intimacy. Soon, they reported: “We are ourselves again, only better. Stronger. More unbreakable.”

By contrast, another set of clients with this placement in their synastry nearly self-destructed before finding equilibrium.

Charismatic musician Zander attracted devoted fans, including prickly heiress Briony. Swept into a glamorous new existence, insecure Briony grew possessive and demanding as Zander’s career took off. “I was afraid to even speak to another woman,” he confessed. “Her jealousy was all-consuming… but so was my obsession with her.”

Through processing past abandonments, I guided Briony gently toward self-actualization pursuits, building confidence and independence. Meanwhile, Zander examined the roots of people-pleasing tendencies enabling Briony’s irrational clinginess.

In time, Briony reported with relief, “I don’t panic anymore when Zander is away on tour. I keep busy with my art, friends, community work. We’re closer than ever.” Zander smiled, adding simply, “She finally trusts I’ll always come back to her. And I will.”

Not every Mars-Pluto tale ends happily ever after, of course. But with work, even the most explosive alignments can achieve enough insight to part ways with minimal bitterness.

One especially volatile pairing of strong-willed CEOs often left sessions fuming after airing seemingly irreconcilable differences. “You emasculate me!” raged hot-tempered Mars Mitch. “It was just a joke; stop being so thin-skinned!” Plutonian Nicole shot back.

Over 18 months of counseling focused on identifying triggers and communication strategies, and their blowups gradually grew farther between. At our final visit, they reflected: “We loved deeply and painfully. But staying together would have destroyed us both.” They departed shaken but still caring, better primed for future relationships.

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