Mars Sextile Ascendant Synastry (ASC) – A Comprehensive Guide

A Mars sextile Ascendant synastry aspect can ignite passion and drive shared goals. This aspect aspect indicates bodily attraction between suitable partners, along with mutual physical and mental self-improvement efforts. In relationships, these individuals can coordinate actions and respond to needs. They can work together well in business, financial, and professional partnerships when channeling energy appropriately.

However, this same fiery energy can also introduce impatience and conflict without understanding.

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about having Mars sextile Ascendant in your synastry chart. You’ll learn the strengths and challenges of this aspect, as well as tips to harness the energy consciously for growth.

What the Mars Person Sees in the Ascendant Person

The Mars person feels strong physical and sexual attraction towards the Ascendant person. They are drawn to the Ascendant person’s physical appearance and personality characteristics. There’s an urge to pursue and conquer when it comes to winning the affections of the Ascendant person. The Mars person may also feel protective towards the Ascendant person and eager to take action on their behalf.

Something about the Ascendant person’s appearance or manner awakens passion in the Mars person. Motivated to pursue and connect, the Mars person appreciates assets like vitality, verve, and sensual appeal in the Ascendant person.

For example, client Beatrice’s Mars fell sextile her partner Len’s Ascendant. Beatrice felt magnetically drawn to Len’s vital essence, confidence, and wit. His swagger and style aroused her, while his abundant energy inspired activity. Through Len, Beatrice discovered new passions, from salsa dancing to motorcycle trips.

What the Ascendant Person Sees in the Mars Person

The Ascendant person feels energized and aroused by the passionate, fiery manners of the Mars person. They are likely to perceive the Mars person as exciting, adventurous, and sexually appealing. The Mars person’s gutsiness and gusto compels the Ascendant person to push their limits. The Ascendant person feels energized by the Mars person’s get-up-and-go. Through the Mars person, the Ascendant person gains courage to take bold actions.

In my practice, Ascendant people often share feeling “swept away” by the intensity of pursuit from their Mars partners. They can find the Mars person’s drive and zeal contagious, even if bordering on aggressive at times. The Ascendant person is receptive to taking action under the motivating influence of the Mars person.

Len, for instance, saw brazenness, zeal, and moxie in Beatrice, which he longed to emulate. While introverted, Len yearned for vibrant experiences. Beatrice coaxed Len out of his shell to sing karaoke, enter a chili cook-off, and audition for a play, building his self-assurance.

Aspect Strengths

This synastry contact cultivates cooperation, consonance, and rapport. When positively channeled, the energy between Mars and Ascendant in synastry can lead to productive teamwork. There is natural chemistry and coordination of effort between these two energies.

Activities done together seem effortless and entertaining. In bed, desire and chemistry intertwine delightfully. I often see couples with this aspect able to work effectively on joint projects, whether starting a business together or coordinating to achieve health and fitness goals. The attraction and motivation each partner provides the other can drive accomplishments.

This aspect also indicates a strong sexual connection. In marital relationships, there is usually instant satisfaction of each other’s intimate needs. The sextile aspect brings an ease and natural flow to the sexual relationship that enhances bonding.

For example, karate teacher Zenia consulted me about her exhilarating yet bewildering romance with Krav Maga instructor Dax. A strong attraction developed even though they are seemingly opposed in temperament (she is disciplined, while he is impulsive). The duo soon won regional pairs martial arts competitions, blending Yin and Yang flawlessly.

Aspect Challenges

Since Mars deals with primal urges and fight-or-flight instincts, volatility can arise. Impatience, possessiveness, or aggression may surface if boundaries aren’t respected. Competitiveness could also strain affairs. Provocation must be avoided.

These couples need healthy outlets for the excessive energy that gets build up between them. Mars and Ascendant both run hot and can urge each other to push too hard. Burnout, adrenal fatigue, or even physical injury can occur if the couple doesn’t make space for restoration.

Without consciously respecting boundaries, the Mars person may become dominating, impatient, or even forceful. If the Ascendant person feels overwhelmed by the intensity of pursuit from Mars, they can become defiant or aloof. I’ve counseled Mars/Ascendant pairs that descended into destructive power struggles.

Former clients Aldo and Maxine exhibited this dynamic. Aldo’s Mars sat sextile Maxine’s Ascendant, so scorching sexuality initially united them. However, jealousy issues mushroomed when Maxine socialized without Aldo. Shouting matches led Maxine to file a restraining order during one altercation. They required counseling before attempting reconciliation.

Tips for the Mars Person

Tune into when your normal go-getting nature could be steamrolling your partner. Check-in if you sense the Ascendant person becoming remote or resistant.  Compromise when disagreements happen, rather than resorting to ultimatums. Make space for their input before charging ahead with joint plans.

Be proactive about scheduling activities that release your abundant energy in healthy ways. Channel competitive urges into benign outlets. Plan regular workouts, hikes, or competitive games together. This prevents restlessness from building up.

Acknowledge that the other’s independence doesn’t threaten the relationship. Give them breathing room and refrain from attempts at control. Be open about desires without demands, and remember to respect wishes. Give your partner affection and words of affirmation to balance your doer instincts. Express heartfelt appreciation for the Ascendant person and avoid criticism about perceived laziness. Recognize their softer skills as complements to yours.

For example, I advised Aldo to join a recreational soccer league to redirect aggressive tendencies while encouraging Maxine to voice her socializing needs clearly. My impartial guidance enabled the couple to reunite healthily.

Tips for the Ascendant Person

When you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the Mars person’s pursuits, directly yet gently ask for what you need – whether more time for self-care or help around the house. Avoid passive aggression or stubborn resistance without explaining why. Practice affirming your essential requirements kindly but decisively and speak up immediately if you feel demeaned or disrespected.

Suggest activities you enjoy to prevent getting steamrolled by the Mars person’s agenda. If there’s an imbalance in influence over how free time is spent, speak up—alternate choosing date activities or outings.

Tune into the Mars person’s love language and provide enough praise, physical touch, quality time, gifts, or acts of service to make them feel appreciated. Understanding their motivations will help channel the energy into what builds intimacy.

My Experiences Counseling Mars Sextile Ascendant Synastry Clients

I’ve worked with dozens of Mars sextile Ascendant couples over the years, helping them move from destructive conflict to harnessing the energy consciously. Lisa and James’s story is a good example.

Initially, Lisa felt overwhelmed by James pursuing new business ideas and extreme sports with relentless zeal. An injured James grew frustrated by self-protective Lisa’s emotional distance. With counseling, James gave Lisa more affection, and Lisa joined a gym. They now run a nonprofit together and are training for a marathon.

In another case, Nina was drawn to Steve’s adventurous spirit but hesitated to move as quickly in the relationship. By tuning into Nina’s pace and planning downtime cuddling between extreme dates, Steve won her trust. Now, they travel the world volunteering while maintaining mutual respect.

I’ve found these steps reduce Mars/Ascendant struggles: address control issues directly but lovingly, schedule regular de-stressing activities, alternate leading on shared interests, and express appreciation for differences. With self-awareness and teamwork, fiery tension gives way to passion powering growth.

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