Mars Opposite Ascendant Synastry (Mars Conjunct Descendant)

Mars Opposite Ascendant in synastry indicates a strong, dynamic energy between partners.  This article will explore what each partner tends to see in the other, the strengths and challenges of this synastry connection, as well as tips for both the Mars and Ascendant person in making this relationship work smoothly.

Note that because the Descendant is directly opposite the Ascendant in an astrological chart, Mars conjunct the Descendant is a term used synonymously with Mars opposite the Ascendant.

What the Mars Person Sees in the Ascendant Person

The Mars person is likely to view their Ascendant partner as someone who inspires them to take action and pursue their ambitions with passion and zeal. The Ascendant person’s mere presence seems to ignite the Mars person’s drive and motivation to explore new opportunities and experiences.

For example, one client shared how he had been in a creative rut when he first met his girlfriend, unable to tap into his usual fiery inspiration. Yet being around her stirred up his creative juices again and urged him to vigorously pursue various artistic projects he had long put on the back burner. Her adventurous and risk-taking nature motivated him to take more chances with his work.

The Mars person may also appreciate how the Ascendant person draws them into exciting new social situations and circles. This expands the Mars person’s worldview and teaches them valuable interpersonal skills. Through observing how others respond to their partner’s behavior, the Mars person gains insight into how their own conduct is perceived.

What the Ascendant Person Sees in the Mars Person

The Ascendant person will likely view their Mars partner as someone bursting with energetic confidence. The Mars person’s direct, decisive style may compel the Ascendant person to take more risks and actively pursue their heart’s desires without overthinking things.

For example, one client found her Mars boyfriend’s “charge ahead” attitude contagious. While she tended to carefully weigh all options when making decisions, worried about making the perfect choice, his impatient “go for it!” approach motivated her to take the plunge without agonizing over every detail first. Thanks to his can-do spirit rubbing off on her, she started seizing opportunities she may have otherwise let pass her by.

The Mars person’s protective nature and initiative in taking charge may also make the Ascendant person feel safe to express themselves authentically without fear of harsh judgment. However, over time the Ascendant person may start to feel steamrolled or controlled by their Mars partner always taking the lead and dominating the relationship.

Aspect Strengths

This aspect often generates intense sexual chemistry between partners. The fiery decisiveness of Mars interlocking with the magnetism of the Ascendant can be combustible in the best way. Partners often cannot keep their hands off each other!

These partnerships tend to bring out each person’s go-getter side, motivating them to put their heads together to accomplish shared goals actively. Whether launching a business venture or training for a marathon, having a teammate who cheers them on makes every challenge feel surmountable.

This couple loves diving into new exploits together, from whirlwind vacations to eclectic hobbies. They relish pulling each other out of their comfort zones to embrace exciting experiences as a pair. Even mundane tasks feel lively and fun in each other’s company.

While conflicts can crop up given Mars’ aggression, these duos appreciate each other’s direct, candid communication styles. They would rather tackle issues head-on than avoid difficult conversations. This makes reconciliation happen more swiftly when misunderstandings inevitably arise.

Aspect Challenges

With domineering Mars interacting with identity-focused Ascendant, brutal battles of will can erupt over who gets to “run the show.” Both partners fiercely guard their autonomy and can dig their heels in refusing to compromise. Without mutual respect, intense friction arises.

The self-assured Mars person may become bossy trying to “shape up” the Ascendant partner. Meanwhile, the Ascendant person feels micromanaged if the Mars person tries overriding their decisions. This brews major resentment over time.

Rather than lifting each other up, these two can become locked in ego-driven conflict, trying to one-up their mate. Partners pitted against each other rather than on the same team cannot sustain a loving bond.

Mars’ anger, mixed with the Ascendant’s sensitivity, makes for explosive arguments that easily turn cruel. Hurtful remarks can leave emotional scars if anger is poorly controlled on both sides. This requires a conscious effort to fight fairly.

When overwhelmed by passion, whether anger or sexual chemistry, this couple tends to act first and reflect later. Impulsive choices guided by hot emotion rather than cool reason often backfire down the line.

Tips for the Mars Person

Avoid micromanaging or overpowering your partner. Let them have breathing room to be themselves without fear of a critical Mars person correcting their every move. Apologize swiftly after arguments to heal wounds before resentment sets in. Be accountable for the impact of your anger, not just intent.

Stand your ground respectfully in disagreements rather than bulldozing over your partner’s needs. Compromise requires give-and-take from both parties. When you have brilliant ideas, resist overriding your partner’s wishes. Discuss plans together and wait for their enthusiastic buy-in before charging ahead on executing your vision.

Channel that legendary Mars sex drive into activities you both enjoy rather than guilt-tripping or pressuring an unwilling partner. Great intimacy requires mutual desire.

Tips for the Ascendant Person

Don’t bottle up grievances until you burst with pent-up rage. Politely yet firmly stand up for yourself in the moment to nip issues in the bud before tension escalates. Instead of resenting traits like your mate’s forcefulness, intentionally appreciate their strength as complementing your softer style. Opposites can attract!

Accept that this go-go-go companion likely will not morph into a soothing caretaker persona. Seek emotional comfort from balanced friends rather than demanding sensitivity from Mars. Offer clear guidance on what supportive behaviors you need rather than expecting your Mars partner to read your mind. They thrive on straightforward communication.

Don’t look to your Mars mate for constant reassurance or permission-giving. Cultivate internal security to act decisively without over-reliance on your partner’s opinions.

My Experiences Counseling Mars Opposite Ascendant Synastry Clients

Amy felt her boyfriend Ron’s constant “suggestions” amounted to bossy demands about dressing differently, changing her laugh, and even pressuring her to revamp her career path to something flashier drastically. Rather than supporting her uniqueness, she felt scripted into playing a version of herself tailored for Ron’s approval. Through counseling, Ron understood that he had been projecting urgently to want those changes for himself rather than respect Amy’s autonomy. Once giving her space, their relationship drama calmed.

Straitlaced project manager Nina struggled with her wife Willow’s lackadaisical approach to mundane responsibilities like paying bills on time or maintaining their home. She feared Willow’s artsy spirit chafed against domesticity. However, once Nina vulnerably shared these worries, Willow revealed her disability made organizing difficult yet she yearned to contribute more. By brainstorming adaptations allowing Willow to leverage her creativity into home projects, they felt drawn together in purpose again.

Driven entrepreneurs Claire and James co-owned a startup yet clashed constantly over business growth strategies. Claire’s methodical market research approach exasperated James’ impatient leap-before-you-look style. Once disastrously losing major clients due to James’ impulsive product pivot, the flames ignited. We explored how each could employ their strengths while respecting differences rather than butting heads. Their mutual ambition ultimately fueled compromise once they felt heard.

While every Mars Opposite Ascendant synastry couple faces distinct issues, empowering both partners through mutual understanding allows this dynamo duo to thrive together. By identifying destructive patterns and establishing healthy boundaries early on, fiery passion fuels growth rather than burns connections. Ultimately, this alignment offers great relationship potential once it is harnessed cooperatively.

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