Hello and welcome to astroary.com! My name is Joanna Pierce and I’ve been interested in Astrology for 30 years and practicing in earnest a little over 10 years. I grew up in Chicago, where my fascination with the stars first began. Ever since I was young, I’ve felt drawn to the mysteries of the cosmos and our connections to the larger universe.

After high school, I pursued my interest in astrology by taking night classes at the local community college. I devoured books on astrological interpretations, birth charts, and the meaning of the planets. During this time, I performed chart readings for friends and family, who were always amazed at how accurate my descriptions were. My obsession with analyzing peoples’ astrological charts only grew stronger over the years.

I decided to make a career out of my passion. I enrolled in the Kepler College Certificate program in astrology, where I spent 3 years immersed in intensive astrological studies. I learned all of the foundational techniques of chart drawing, calculation methods, astrological theory, and counseling skills. The program gave me the depth of knowledge I needed to begin practicing astrology professionally.

After completing my astrological certification, I moved back to Chicago and set up my astrological consulting practice. I’ve now been a practicing astrologer for over 10 years, during which time I’ve performed thousands of natal chart readings, compatibility charts, and annual forecasts for clients all over the world.

My own astrological chart fuels my insatiable drive for knowledge. As a Sagittarius Sun with a loaded 9th house, I’m driven by a desire to learn, teach, and continually quest for meaning. I also have a packed 3rd house emphasizing my love of communication, writing, and information exchange. My North Node in Gemini compels me to forge connections across diverse perspectives. Meanwhile, my Cancer Moon fuels my compassion and emotional attunement when relating to clients.

My approach to astrological counseling is compassionate, insightful, and highly personalized. I draw upon both traditional astrological techniques as well as modern psychological principles to offer a well-rounded perspective on your chart. My readings aim to empower you with greater self-knowledge so that you can align with your highest potential.

I’m excited to be launching this astrology website! Here, you’ll be able to read up on the basics of astrological principles, learn more about me and my approach, and schedule personal chart readings.

My plans with this blog are to feature regular astrological musings, including monthly forecasts, planetary retrogrades, astrological events, and general zodiac insights.. I’ll translate cosmic happenings into digestible astro-speak so you can better understand the celestial weather.

I offer natal chart readings, yearly forecasts, relationship compatibility charts, and more for those interested in a personal consultation. Each session is tailored to address your unique questions and desires for self-knowledge.

Beyond astrology, I enjoy traveling and immersing myself in other cultures, painting watercolor landscapes, hiking in nature, and curling up with a good book on philosophy or ancient mysticism. I live in a cozy Chicago home decorated with art I’ve accumulated over a lifetime, crystals, and piles of astrology books.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime. Wishing you wisdom, wonder, and radical amazement,

Joanna Pierce, Astrologer